My Car Gaurd Dude
February 2, 2009, 9:10 am
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Smily DRC car gaurd dude

Smily DRC car gaurd dude

I wish I knew what this dudes name was/is.  I see him most of the collection days at Knead. He hails from the DRC and is saving to buy a ticket to go and stay with his brother is Lndon where he reckons he can get some work. That little bit of info took me about 12min for him to tell me. I have never experienced such a hectic stutter. This dude can hardly talk. The pain and excruciating effort that he puts into getting words out of his mouth is just incredible. He is yet to get his name out in a way I can understand what he is saying.

It really is difficult to comprehend how and why. He has that massive smile and extremely warm personable presence though and when I give him a loaf and a cake to say thanks for watching my car (that I leave open while I collect the bread so its easier to dump the heavy bags of food into the boot) the words “I give thanks” roll of effortlessly from his tongue as he raises his hands together at his chest in a sign of gratitude.


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