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June 22, 2009, 2:20 pm
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Some awesome news is I have a brilliant new Donour for YourTurn food distribution (a name I have been toying with for a while and will now use as a banner for the work I am doing here) which I will go into at a later stage. Here is a huge amount of food though which includes mostly Baby formula that I am looking for recipients for …that should not be a problem. Also have rice and cereal and all sorts of really worthwhile good food that would otherwise go to waste so I am very happy to be able to be the distributor between retailer and hungry person.


June 2, 2009, 1:58 pm
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I found out the friendliest guy in Cape Towns name. You have read a previous post about the chap here I got to the bottom of who my good buddy the car gaurd dude is. What I did was ask the security dude around the Wembly Square building when I was collecting from Knead and car guard dude was not there. Turns out the guys name is Popov. I saw him the next day when I was there and was so happy I could call him by his name.

His smile was as heartfelt as always and I began chatting to him about why he was not there the last time I came to collect from Knead. It turns out the world champion stutterer from the DRC was actually getting some papers in order to be able to visit a hospital to have them see him about his stuttering. As PoPov (get used to this name for this post as now that I know it I will surely way over use it) relaxed he was able to communicate with me a little better and it was a good lesson for me to as I have the very irritating inclination to help him finish his sentences. I restrained myself and let him get on at his own pace – slowly.  Well it turns out that he asked his mother (a phone call to the DRC from a call box and not a few R5 coins) when he began stuttering. Only at about age 9.

Pi: “Nine!” I exclaimed “What happened that made you start with a speech impediment so late PoPov?”

PP “W w w w well it w w w w was …. I d d d don dd d d dd don d d d don’t remember.” He eventually got out the glorious man.

Then he just chats along for about two sentences with no problem at all. It was so strange to witness. His mother said that he only started to speak wit the stutter when he spent time with a friend who had a huge stutter but PoPov remembers nothing before the age of about 10 and he suspects something traumatic occurred. He is keen to go and see a Doctor and seems hopeful that there is a chance he may be able to curtail and perhaps even cure the debilitation.

How extraordinary. I say goodbye and he puts his hands together as the Christians do in prayer and the Chinese do in salutations and says, as always: “I give thanks”

Miss K in the Mix
May 20, 2009, 10:12 am
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miss-k-entranceThe wonderful eatery on Somerset Road – Miss K has has sen fit to join in the worthwhile effort of taking the ‘waste’ food from the establishment and making sure it gets to those that are in need of a meal. YourTurn will collect the food when Kirsten from Miss K has any and distribute it to those that are in the receiving end of the system.

Miss K has real quality foods so its fantastic to see such top end stuff making its way to those that would not always have the opportunity for such goods but who appreciate it just as much if not more than any others. I will try and make sure that they food from Miss K is distributed as close to Kirstens actual place as possible to make the impact even more worthwhile.

Thanks Miss K!

Thanks for the Thanks
April 22, 2009, 10:02 am
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How cool. I received a thank you card for the efforts on the food supply from St Anne’s Womens abuse house. The food has made a huge difference to the budget that gets tested every month. Bread is a large chuck of the expense and now they do not have to pay for that so that is awesome.

I deliver every Monday to St Anne’s and the ladies there are always excited to see the wonderful breads and obviosuly the cakes and croissants too!

Stroompie no more!
April 17, 2009, 3:15 pm
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Those cool cats from Stroompie are missing … presumed kicked out. I went passed that squalid home for 30 bergies under the stars that I have been handing large amounts of Knead bread to for the last 6 months or so and to my surprise there is not a soul there. Well I suppose it was not so surprising when one considers that the place has been cleared of all their ramshackle shelters and been ringed by 8ft high fence with razor wire decor lining the top.

I must admit it was strange stuff to see that messy place wiped clean and I am sure it won’t be long before a flash new apartment block springs up on that land. Nothing wrong with that of course. I just wish I knew where the skollies have moved to. I am sure I will bump into the likes of Martin and Meeeervin and all those bergies around town as I keep an eye out for hungry folk. I just hope they have a warm place for the winter – not likely.

St Anne’s Homes
March 1, 2009, 2:57 pm
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St Annes in Woodstock

St Annes in Woodstock

The St Anne’s Homes  provide shelter, care, and empowerment of destitute, abused and disadvantaged mothers and their children. A perfect place to find some hungry bellies that would be keen to fill them with some top notch food that would other wise go to waste.

In fact the bread bill and food costs are one of the biggest challenges for those that run this fantastic shelter was even more worthwhile for Knead bread to step up and to play such a helpful role in this challenge.

I drop off a heafty few bags of bread at least once a week which is always gretfully received and let me assure you when those tasty cake,croissants and other awesome treats make an appearance then the women are not abvl

My Car Gaurd Dude
February 2, 2009, 9:10 am
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Smily DRC car gaurd dude

Smily DRC car gaurd dude

I wish I knew what this dudes name was/is.  I see him most of the collection days at Knead. He hails from the DRC and is saving to buy a ticket to go and stay with his brother is Lndon where he reckons he can get some work. That little bit of info took me about 12min for him to tell me. I have never experienced such a hectic stutter. This dude can hardly talk. The pain and excruciating effort that he puts into getting words out of his mouth is just incredible. He is yet to get his name out in a way I can understand what he is saying.

It really is difficult to comprehend how and why. He has that massive smile and extremely warm personable presence though and when I give him a loaf and a cake to say thanks for watching my car (that I leave open while I collect the bread so its easier to dump the heavy bags of food into the boot) the words “I give thanks” roll of effortlessly from his tongue as he raises his hands together at his chest in a sign of gratitude.